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Solar PV system

Vision & Mission

Solar PV System

Saurshakti Solar designs a wide variety of PV systems ideally suited for residential, commercial, industrial power solutions. .Saurshakti Solar is capable of providing tailor-made solar systems backed by creative technologies. Backed by strong R&D capabilities and constant innovation practices, we provide stable, reliable, economical and environmentally adaptable product solutions to satisfy the demands of customers around the globe.

Given nearly decades of PV components manufacturing knowledge and EPC experiences, Saurshakti Solar is adept at providing modularized solar system solutions or tailoring energy replacement solutions based on industrial customer needs. Saurshakti Solar products and solutions have achieved the trust and recommendation of many of local commercial users.We provides customised solution for solar power from Kw to MG.

In order to be successful as a company it's longer enough to offer a good product or a beneficial service. Competition also takes place to a great extent in the costs area. The goal here is to secure advantages, for example, with clear savings in energy costs. With a reasonable investment in a solar system, you profit over the long term from solid earnings, while at the same time gaining independence from the energy utilities and their pricing policy. Saurshakti Solar offers commercial and industrial energy users considerable added value by providing smart solar energy solutions and completion of your solar project.


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