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Vision & Mission


Saurshakti Solar is advancing the entire solar value chain by providing industry-leading solar energy solutions to customers around the globe. Smart energy solutions include packaged services throughout the entire solar power plant lifecycle from project development, design and engineering, project financing and investment, system components procurement, balance of system optimization, and project construction management through operations and maintenance.

Our development and planning process ensures the success of the project according to plan, from location analysis and approval processes through technical planning of implementation.

Project development, which is essential to creating valuable power plant assets, includes activities prior to construction, such as securing a power purchase agreement, establishing site control, project permitting, and the interconnection agreement. With countrywide  networks and experienced project development managers who are quiet familiar with regional energy policies and solar project application procedures, Saurshakti Solar is able to work independently or cooperatively with our partners to identify solar project opportunities and lay the project groundwork.


Our clients