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Design & Engineering

Vision & Mission

Design & Engineering

Our expert engineers have designed many  PV plants for commercial and domestic purpose. With a commitment to optimize design, we go beyond standard plant engineering to configure PV plants that maximize project value. By applying our experience and expertise to carefully configure PV plant parameters, we ensure that our PV plants deliver maximum financial results. We ensure this through the experience and expertise of our  engineers, and through our access to highly efficient and quality in-house products. Besides reliability and durability, projects also feature an exceptional price-performance ratio.

Since projects are different, Saurshakti Solar designs solar projects to maximize electricity yield and minimize LCOE by considering all factors, such as local irradiance, weather, soil, wind, topography, layout, technology selection, and system configuration. Having engineered several global utility-scale power plants following industry best practices and designed many of solar systems, Saurshakti Solar smart energy solutions is able to provide global customers with complete system design and engineering services. Our global design and engineering operation centres, backed by experienced talents and regional supporting subsidiaries in a country, provides sophisticated, professional services from the preliminary project development stage through commissioning. Our team consistently follows design guidelines and standards that ensure maximized system safety, reliability, and economy of investment.


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